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5 Lines on Elephant in English

5 Lines on Elephant in English 

 1) A large animal that lives in the jungle is called an elephant.

2) Although an elephant is a wild animal, the circus keeps it.

3.)The elephant's ears are large.

4) Elephants are mammals. Elephant's trunk is very lengthy.

5.)Elephants are vegetarian creatures.

6) Leaves, fruits, and vegetation are what elephants eat.

7) Elephant tusks are used to fashion decorations and singar (bangles).

8) Elephants prefer to coexist in herds.

9) King Maharaja once rode an elephant in antiquity.

10) Elephants live between 100 and 120 years on average.

11) India's vast forests of Assam, Mysore, Tripura, and Kerala are home to elephants.

5 Lines on Elephant in English

Few lines on Elephant in English for kids 

  • The largest mammal on the planet is the elephant.
  • Elephants are obedient and very smart animals.
  • Elephants have four legs, a trunk, two large ears, two small eyes, and a short tail.
  • The elephant's four legs are incredibly large and thick.

6 points about elephant in English 

  1. Elephants have unusually small eyes in relation to their size.
  2. The elephant's ears resemble large feathers.
  3. Elephant trunks are really handy.
  4. Elephants use their trunks to assist them drink and eat.
  5. Elephants have a quiet, peaceful nature.
  6. However, they become quite aggressive when they sense a threat.

10 points about elephant in English 

  1. Elephants are large creatures.
  2. In English, an elephant is known to as an elephant.
  3. Elephants stand on four legs and have a short tail, two large ears, a trunk, and two eyes.
  4. Elephants have two large, outward-facing teeth.
  5. The elephant's feeding teeth are distinct from the teeth that are visible on the outside of the animal.
  6. An herbivore is an elephant.
  7. Bananas and sugarcane are favourites of elephants.
  8. An elephant can live for 50 to 70 years on average.
  9. An elephant's gestation lasts about 22 months.
  10. At birth, an elephant infant weighs about 104 kg.
  11. The elephant is a peaceful and adorable animal.

Ten sentences about elephant in English for students 

  1. An biggest land mammal is an elephant.
  2. It has a trunk and two enormous teeth that stick out at the front.
  3. They have thick, greyish skin that is grey in colour.
  4. It eats tree leaves and fruits because it is a herbivorous mammal.
  5. Elephants prefer sugarcane and jaggery.
  6. Elephants lift leaves and branches off trees using their trunks.
  7. Elephants are rovers; they don't stay put for very long.
  8. Elephants can swim well despite their enormous size.
  9. They prefer to ramble about in open, grassy areas.
  10. It can be found in places like Sri Lanka, Thailand, India, and Africa.
  11. In India, Lord Ganesha is symbolised by elephants.
  12. They have been utilised for weightlifting and combat since the dawn of mankind.
  13. Elephants are really helpful because of this.

5 lines essay on elephant 

  • The elephant is the biggest land animal.
  • Elephant is a wild animal.
  • Large is its body.
  • It has four legs like a creature.
  • It has a short tail, two ears, and two tiny eyes. We ought to be kind to the elephant.
  • An elephant has a lengthy trunk.
  • An herbivore is an elephant.
  • Bananas and sugarcane are two foods that elephants adore.
  • It was used in warfare in the past.
  • We ought to be kind to the elephant.

10 Lines essay on Elephant in English 

  1. Elephant is a domestic and herbivorous animal, which is found in black, grey and white colours.
  2. Elephants have two hanging ears, and they have excellent hearing.
  3. Elephants see better in low light and less clearly in strong light because their eyes are tiny.
  4. Elephants see better in dim light and less clearly in strong light because their eyes are tiny.
  5. The elephant's mouth has two long, white teeth and a lengthy trunk.
  6. Elephant teeth develop throughout their lifetimes.
  7. Its trunk is extremely flexible and robust. At one moment, the elephant can hold 14 litres of water in its trunk.
  8. Elephants have thick, delicate skin. Due to their sensitivity, they must bathe every day.
  9. Due to the fact that their legs resemble pillars, they

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